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Happy little girl jumping on a red, yellow, green and blue bouncy castle rental

So you are looking to host a party. Are you sure that you have everything that you need? Even if you are looking at the tables and chairs that you have, and say these are enough, are you sure you want kids jumping up and down on them? Maybe it is not even kids it is your grown-up friends that really like to play around. If you think that there is going to be anything missing from your Windsor Ontario party you really don’t need to go all over town looking for it. You can give Pro Party Rentals Windsor a call and we will hook you up with whatever you need.

About Us
A lot of people think that as a company that offers rentals for parties all that you really need to have is enough materials in stock to be able to cover a wide variety of events. That is not necessarily a lie, but what we have learned over the years is that we have become real problem solvers. To be able to keep yourself in the industry you need to know what people happen to be looking for and what they want to add to their parties. That way when you call and you tell us what you need we can always say we have it all, we have got you covered.

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    Our Services

    We already talked about what we offer a little bit. Just to kind of make sure that you have these concepts well in mind we want to brush up real quick. We are able to rent out things like bouncy castles, tents, chairs, and pretty much anything that you are going to need for your party in Windsor Ontario. Give us a call and we are going to be able to rent pretty much whatever you need!

    Two happy children in a red, yellow and green bouncy castle

    Bouncy Castle Rentals

    Bouncy castles have been around for quite some time, and maybe even surprisingly, they have really remained a child favorite. If you happen to be hosting a party for younger kids we have a wide variety of bouncy castle rentals in Windsor (also called jumping castle rentals) that we can rent out to you. We actually test our castles quite frequently to make sure that you are going to have no trouble with them not inflating properly or any other type of issue that may come your way. If you want to take a look at the options that we have for you give us a call!

    A little girl with dark blond hair dressed in yellow, lying in a ball pit with blue, yellow and white balls

    Party Game Rentals

    From the classics to the not so classics we also happen to offer a wide selection of party games for rent. On the subject of the classics, we could rent you a corn-hole or horseshoe game. These have been favorites of many people for a lot of years. If you are not really hosting a kid’s party there are other types of games that we could offer. Such as large beer pong cups and other types of games that you will surely enjoy!

    Very large closed white festival tent in evening light and surrounded by gras

    Festival Tents

    An excessive amount of sun or even rain can really bum out your party. If you are putting in the time and effort to ensure that everything is going to be perfectly set up this is not something that you are going to want to have happen to you. Luckily we can help you with one of our festival tents in Windsor. These really large scale tents that we can set up before the event and that can actually cover the entire “party” if you so choose. There are different sizes in the tents that we have available for you. Come find the one that is perfectly fit for your event!

    "Not having to worry about if I am going to have enough plates or silverware to host a party is a real blessing. Hiring Pro Party Rentals Windsor really does make things a lot easier." Hannah E.

    Rented large white Festival Tent secured to the ground and surrounded by trees and gras.

    "My kids absolutely love the bouncy castles that I rent from Pro Party Rentals Windsor so really they are the ones that got me hooked with this company, but they are always on time and really professional about their work. That is the part that I enjoy!" - Beatrice I.

    Rented tables and chairs at a wedding. All setup with cutlery, purple and grey finishes on a green lawn surrounded by nature

    "You can literally hire Pro Party Rentals Windsor for any type of event they are there versatile and that is a big reason why I would recommend them!" -Steve A.

    White rental chairs on laid brick stones with surrounding green plants.

    Tents, Chairs and
    Party Supplies

    You probably know your guests a lot better than we do. Over the years though we have had a lot of different interactions with folks that were throwing parties. One of the things that really prevented people from having a good time at their own parties, was having to worry about their chairs, silverware and pretty much any object that they had set up for the party. This is not an invitation to trash the things that we rent to you, but it can help you feel more at ease at the party and ensure that there is literally going to be a chair per guest at your event. Let our party rental company help you create an amazing non-stress event.

    Rented white and silver chairs for a wedding party, surrounded with white drapes and yellow flowers on gras

    Inflatable Promotion Material

    Sky puppets and all sorts of different materials fall into this category. We know that when you are trying to sell virtually anything you are going to try and get people’s attention any way that you can. A lot of these inflatables are absolutely eye-grabbing and are guaranteed to get people to look your way. Again there are a wide variety of options out there for you be sure to pick the right one!

    Inflatable Promotion Material Rentals

    Event Rental

    We have sort of hinted to this in other parts of the site. Just because we rent bouncy castles does not mean that all we do, are children’s party rentals. We are actually able to cater to a wide variety of events. If you have a formal event coming up and you need specific types of tables and chairs let us know so that we can make your experience a memorable one!

    Lawn with surrounding trees and bushes, prepared for a wedding with white drapes, white and grey lawn chairs and small festival tents.

    Get your party started by contacting us today!

    When you do give us a call or contact us, be sure to let us know kind of the mood of the event that you are wanting to host. A corporate events rental and a school events rental tend to be two very different things! Yet, if you give us a call we will be able to help you with both situations!

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