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Bouncy Castle Rentals

Bouncy or Jumping castle rental, decorated with a fox carying a wheelbarrow and yellow, green, blue and red colours

For kids ages, 1 through around 7 bouncy castles, are going to be a party main staple without a doubt. That being said we do have to admit that not all bouncy castles are designed for the same age group. Actually the age group that we described is very open in a way. We have taken it upon ourselves to load up on a variety of bouncy castles so that we will be able to cater to the different needs that we know people are going to have. Here are a couple of tips when renting out one of our castles.

Getting The Age Group Right  

As we mentioned bouncy castles are not all made equal. This can make the decision process on which one to rent a little more complex. We know that for some folks they are going to end up renting a castle that is going to fit with the party theme. That is actually an easier way to handle things if you ask us! A lot of times though you are going to want to make sure that you are renting something that most kids at the party can enjoy. If you would like we could help you with that decision process.

We Can Bring Everything 

A lot of times these parties are going to be held outdoors nowhere near a power source. So getting these castles to stay literally pumped up for hours could be a problem. Not for us though we are going to be able to bring generators along so that we can power the bouncy castle for as long as you would like. Be sure to let us know though what the situation is going to look like so that we can make sure that we come prepared!

Different Themes & Characters

We have said this before a lot of times the type of bouncy castle that you rent is not going to be as important as getting one that is going to be able to match with the type of party that you are throwing. For a lot of children’s parties, it is common to see that, characters from movies or other media outlets become the main theme for a party. That is why the people who make bouncy castles also play along and theme these castles with colors and pictures from your child’s favorite character. We have bouncy castles that feature some of the most popular cartoons and movies so that you will be able to fully mix and match the party in the way that you see fit!

Rent It All The Time You Need

We have different types of bouncy castle rentals in windsor. What we usually do is provide a package deal that is going to include the castle and a generator for 3 or 6 hours. If you are going to need them for longer than that, this is something that can be arranged without any type of major problem. Just give us a call!

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