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Inflatable Promotion Material

Inflatable Promotion Material Rentals

Inflatables are not just there to serve as places where kids can play. It is undeniable that seeing a large inflatable object attracts attention. If you are putting on a marketing effort you will probably take all of the attention that you can get! We can help you set up all sorts of different inflatables to complement your marketing efforts. We are sure that at this point you are thinking about how we are going to rent you a custom inflatable that has your company logo. There are different ways that we can help you in that regard and we cover these situations in these next paragraphs.

What Type of Promotional Materials Are We Talking About?

There is actually a pretty extensive list of promotional materials that we have in stock. We have talked about the sky puppets on the homepage. We have all kinds of inflatable tents. Just different types of things that we are going to be able to lend out to you so that you, so that you end up being able to attract all sorts of clients. We also have inflatable signs that we are going to be able to set up in specific locations so that they lead to where your selling point is.

We Can Adapt What We Have   

There are different ways that we are going to be able to make our rental material unique for you. Obviously, if you are looking for a very specific inflatable with your logo or something like that is going to be hard for us to make it rent it to you and then hope we can put it to good use. What some people will opt to do is to hang banners or other types of things from the inflatables to be able to fill that need if you will.

Longer Rentals

For the most part, our inflatable rentals are going to be a one-day ordeal or even last only a couple of hours. That is not a norm though. We know that sometimes you want to host a weekend sale for example and it would not look great if you only had all of the promotional material up for a day and then just took it down. We are going to be able to rent you the inflatable promotional material for days and even weeks if that is the case. That is usually not something that every single company out there is going to be able to do!

Generators Are Also Available 

It would be a shame if you could not get an inflatable up and running because you just so happen to be standing very far away from a power source. Luckily for you, we are also going to be able to rent you generators. If you are going to need the promotional material to stay on for an extended period of time be sure to let us know so that we can find a way to help you handle the matter!

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