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Event Rental

Lawn with surrounding trees and bushes, prepared for a wedding with white drapes, white and grey lawn chairs and small festival tents.

Although there are things that we rent out such as bouncy castles that are basically geared towards kids that does not mean that those are the only type of events that we are going to cover. When you give us a call or contact us we urge you to let us know what type of event you are going to need help with. That way we can send over tables, and chairs or other materials that you are going to want to rent from us that really match the occasions. You are not going to be getting plates with cartoon characters on them!

Plates & Napkins 

This is something that we recently talked about so naturally, we felt the need to expand on the subject. We have different types of plates, silverware and napkins that we are going to be able to rent out for you. If you are hosting a formal event you are probably going to want something that is going to be able to rise to the occasion in a sense. We happen to think that we have different types of things in stock that we could say will fit the bill. Be sure to give us a call to see what we have available.

How Do Rentals Work?

Again, this is one of those subjects that we have covered in another area of the site, yet we feel that it is important that we talk about it in these cases in particular. We are going to be able to help you set everything up. If you have an event that is just going to be a couple of hours long we can set up in the morning and teardown in the evening. That can actually work in your favor as you are going to be paying only for one day of use of the different materials that we are going to be renting.

Do You Charge An Hourly Fee?

There are different ways that we are going to handle this. It depends on the size of the project, that is why we prefer to discuss our fees over the phone and see what would make sense for the project. We can work like that with tables and chairs or we can just treat it as a day’s rental and pick them up the next day. Since we rent out different types of supplies each one of them can have a different style of rental if you will. The goal is to be able to line up with what you happen to be looking for!

What Other Questions Do You Have?

We like to think of ourselves as a lot more than just a rental place. We really want to do whatever it is that we can to make your event more manageable. If we can find specific things that you need we will go ahead and do so. When you call don’t hesitate to ask for certain things that may not show up on the “main menu”.

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